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The purpose of an Animate Element spell is to provide aid to the caster in the form of whatever element happens to be around coming 'alive' temporarily. A Pyromancer might animate a campfire to attack those around it. A Geomancer might animate a stone statue to help it carry something or move a boulder. The nature of the aid rendered is up to the player and the GM. The spell is limited to the element available to the caster at the time. I.e. a Pyromancer would have "Animate Fire" in their spellbook, not the generic "Animate Element".

This spell does not create an actual elemental.


The spell animates any nearby primal, natural, or deep element of a volume in meters cubed equal to the Total Skill Bonus of the spell divided by 5. so a Hydromancer with TSB of 12 could animate an ice sculpture with a volume of 2.4 meters cubed, or a series of smaller ones with the same total volume or less.

For the duration of the spell, the animated element will follow simple mental commands whenever the caster concentrates on the animated construct. When not concentrated on, the construct will remain static until a new command is given. The above ice sculpture, for instance, will not move from the last position the caster left it in when they stopped concentrating.

If the animated element is used to Attack, it will deal damage equal to 1d10 + TSB of the spell then return to it's pre-animated state and the spell will end. If the animated element can and does carry something, it's Strength is equal to the TSB/10 of the spell. The spell will affect elements worn by others, but they may use defensive skills as an opposing check and receive an additional 1d10 for purposes of resisting the Animate Element spell.

Animate Element can be made permanent with an Imprint or similar spell.

Spell ConstructionEdit

  • Tier: 2
  • DS: 19+Spectrum DS
  • Spectra: Any Primal, Natural, or Deep.
  • Purpose: Movement
  • Casting Time: 1 Round
  • Duration: Number of seconds equal to the TSB of the Animate Element spell.
  • Duration Tick: None
  • EDR: 5/d10 of the TS
  • Intensity: N/A
  • Number of Targets: 1 Other
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Range: 50m
  • Shape: LOS - Indirect; See Description
  • Verbal Component: Egeiro {Element} (Complexity 20)
  • Somatic Component: Two hands, fingers down, manipulate as if causing the element to move on strings like a marionette. (Complexity 30)
  • Material Component: None.

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

2d10+6 Animate Element WIS 4 AGL 4 0 8 13/16


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