Alarm is a spell that warns the caster of encroaching creatures or constructs. It is a simple spell with great versatility and variety. The spell parameters can include size, spectra, kind or other parameters as the player deems necessary and the GM allows. Once triggered, the spell lasts for up to 5 rounds (60 seconds) or until the caster mentally dismisses the alarm.

Alarm can be made permanent with an Imprint or similar spell.


Alarm is versatile and is incorporated into almost every spectrum of the mystical arts. The spectrum truly determines how the alarm functions. For example, an Earth-based alarm might only work when a creature or construct steps on the ground included in the spell, which then manifests a physical bell or other sound maker that rings. such an alarm wouldn't be set off by flyers. A mental alarm might be a dome that detects minds entering the area by giving the caster a silent, mental signal (even waking them from normal sleep if need be). Such an alarm might not detect lower level Voidwrought, golems, or other mindless constructs, but would catch elementals and other constructs and creatures capable of independent thought.

Alarm covers an area with a spherical diamter equal to the Total Skill Bonus times 10 in meters. Once cast, Alarm is also subject to any spell-shaping spells or abilities of the caster. The material component varies with the spectrum. It can be a circle of salt, an invisible arcane thread drawn in the air during casting, or any number of things that the player decides and the GM allows. The material component typically costs no more than a few coppers if anything.

Spell ConstructionEdit

  • Tier: 1
  • DS: 12,17
  • Spectra: Air, Mind
  • Purpose: Learn
  • Casting Time: 1 Round
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Duration-Ticks: None
  • EDR: 11
  • Intensity: N/A
  • Number of Targets: Caster
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Range: Touch
  • Shape: 10xm radius
  • Verbal Component: agrypneo (Complexity 16)
  • Somatic Component: None
  • Material Component: per Spectrum no more than a few nekoril

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+17 Alarm INT 7 PRC 3 2 5 3/17

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