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A wave of acid rises up and then crashes out away from the caster in all directions damaging everything caught in its path.

Quality of acid material component can increase effectiveness of acid damage or change what is affected.

Defense against Acid Wave includes spells, armor skills (which may harm or destroy the armor), movement such as a Dodge skill, or Chemical Resistance.


A wave of acid rises up around the caster and then crashes away from them in 360 degrees. It spreads out for 50m traveling at 10m/s, losing strength every 10m. The wave starts by doing damage equal to 5d10 plus the difference between the Acid Wave and defensive rolls to all things within 10m. For every 10m beyond the first, the damage diminishes by half. It also does knockback, pushing objects backward that have a weight less than the total damage dealt by the wave. This knockback is 10m, which means the object takes the next tier of damage and any additional knockback.

For example, a Voidwrought skeleton with a weight of 30 pounds almost hits a Chemopath when the the mage casts Acid Wave. The Chemopath rolls a 27 and the skeleton rolls a 10 for its physical defense. The Chemopath rolls 5d10 for damage and gets a 39 then adds the 17 for a total of 56. The skeleton takes 46 damage and because it only weighs 30 it gets knocked back 10m and is subject to the 4d10+17 damage of 39 more damage. It still gets knocked back another 10m because 30<39 and is subject to the 3d10+17 or 28 damage. The three damage rolls total of 128 damage, which reduces it to a bubbling white liquid mass.

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1d10+22 Acid Wave CON 5 STR 3 3 11 18/22

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