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A narrow bolt of acid launches from the caster's hand toward it's target. The caster chooses the type of acid cast by use of the material component. Different acids can affect different materials, and some materials will be immune. The spell takes a single standard action to cast and travels up to 50m to hit a single target. An additional 10m can be added for every -10 added to the roll.

Acid Bolt has no significant impact force and therefore cannot blast through barriers. Instead, it will create a small splash on any intervening barriers and begin to damage the barrier as if it was the target.

Quality of acid material component can increase effectiveness of acid damage or change what is affected.

Defense against Acid Bolt includes spells, armor skills (which may harm or destroy the armor), movement such as a Dodge skill, or Chemical Resistance.


The bolt does 1d10 damage plus 1 for every point over the opposing defensive check. The acid damages it's target every round thereafter, losing 1d10 per caster Turn until it's effectiveness is gone or it is neutralized.

Range of Acid Bolt is 50m. This range can be increased by 10m for every -10 taken on the Acid Bolt check at the time of casting.

Spell ConstructionEdit

Character Sheet ExampleEdit

1d10+9 Acid Bolt CON 3 PRS 5 0 1 1/9

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