This skill allows characters to determine the value of an object in their own market (for them, this is called the "standard market"). A Knowledge: Culture X with a TSB of 30 or higher treats Culture X as a standard market. Otherwise, the value can only be determined based on the character's own standard market without cultural adjustment and so a minimum of 10% estimation error is applied.

Certain items can give bonuses to this skill check.

Active Roll: Appraising an item takes 1 minute/1000c of actual value. For every 1 minute short, a -1 is applied to the roll by the GM. For every 1 minute over up to 10 minutes, a +1 is added to the roll. See below for roll Effect.

Reroll: A character may not reroll appraisal on any single item until one TP is gained in Appraise.

Kind Bonuses: Dwarves and Goblins gain +2 TP in Appraise at creation.

Untrained: Without this specific skill, a Social Skill check is made, but the minimum estimation error is 20%.

Effect Edit

Rarity, magical traits, and cultural significance modify the DS of the Appraise check for items regardless of actual value. For every point rolled below the DS the character makes an estimation error of 1% above or below the actual value up to a maximum of 90%. Roll a 1d10. On a 1-5 the estimated value is low, 6-10 the estimated value is high.

DS - Rarity Edit

10-20 - common item

25 - uncommon

30 - rare

35 - extremely rare

40 - unique

DS - Magic Edit

Spell cost of enchantments adds +1 to the DS of an Appraise check for every 10 in total cost for magical enchantments on items.

DS - Cultural Significance Edit

Must be in a standard market.

+0 - No cultural significance

+2 - obvious cultural significance

+5 - less obvious significant cultural significance

+10 - obscure significant cultural significance

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