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This service group relates to any form of mundane or magical communication.

Messenger, in town Edit

Hire a messenger to deliver a message elsewhere within the village, town, or city in which they were hired.

This messenger is usually an older child looking to earn a little coin for their family. Though they can sometimes be unreliable, these independent messengers are typically cheaper than hiring from a messenger guild or other formal messenger service.

Messenger, long distance/mile Edit

Hire a messenger to deliver a message over longer distances than in town.

This can be done by courier, who is hired to deliver sensitive information and is focused on delivering that one piece or packet assigned to them. The other option is to send bulk which takes longer and is less secure, but far cheaper. Some folks use this method for even sensitive material as it is more innocuous, hiding in plain sight. Bulk messages are 1/10th the cost of a courier.

Package Delivery Edit

Hire a courier to deliver a package to a certain destination.

The heavier the package and the farther the delivery destination the higher the cost.

Telepathic Message Edit

Hire a mage to send a message to a magical receiver in far away locations.

This type of messenger service is far more expensive than traditional messenger service, but has the benefit of speed and security. Telepathic messenger guilds guarantee delivery of the message without error.

Teleportation, Package Edit

Hire a mage to send a package to a destination at a far away location.

This type of package delivery is far more expensive than traditional package service, but has the benefit of speed and security. Teleportation guilds guarantee delivery of the package without error.

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