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Dwarves are the descendants of the mighty Kradok from pre-Sundered Loar. They are short, hearty folk with a love of mining and crafting as well as family and friends. Most dwarves seem crotchety to other kinds, but this gruffness is just a bluntness that comes from no patience with nonsense. It's rarely personal.

Description Edit

Dwarves are humanoid in shape, but generally don't grow taller than five feet. They tend to be stronger and heartier than humans and are famous for long, thick beards on the men. Dwarven women are not as thick, but are still well muscled and generally as attractive as any human female. They do not have beards, but they may have sideburns and thicker eyebrows than their human counterparts.

Dwarven skin and hair colors tend toward earth-tones and some have even been known to have more exotic skin colors like that of precious metals.

Society Edit

Dwarves live under a hereditary monarch whose line is elected by the clans when there is no clear successor., Dwarves retain the loose caste system based on technical knowledge and skills that their ancestors used. Each caste has a different type of leadership and cross-marriages are encouraged. Strongly disposed toward a free-market, trade, and craftmanship, it is extraordinarily rare to see a poor Dwarf - at least by human standards. These casts include Agriculture, Craft & Trade, Diplomacy, Mining.

Base Characteristics Edit

Average 4 4 6 5 4 4 5 6 6
Maximum 8 8* 13 10 10 9 10 11 12

*Dwarven women have a Max Beauty of 10.

Character Creation Edit

Key Characteristic: Strength

Base Characteristics: +3 CON; +1 STR; +2 WIS; -2 AGL; -2 BEA*; -1 PRS

*Men only

Skill Bonuses (BP):

Pick 2 to add +5 to the following (goes into the Misc. Bonus box on the Skill line on the character sheet):

  • Architecture
  • Crafting (any three)
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mining
  • Mechanics

Traits & Foibles:

Dwarves have the following without using any Slots.

  • Inner Compas (1)
  • Mazecrawler (3)
  • Resistant to Poison
  • Miserly (2)

As Heroes Edit

Dwarves tend to seek out ancient ruins of their ancestors to regain lost knowledge of crafting or to find new mines or materials. Less often, they will leave their work at home to champion causes. They are loyal, wise friends that tend to be tactically minded, but gruff and blunt. They tend to be excellent fighters or artificers, but generally do little with magic. The few who dabble in magic tend toward Geomancy and sometimes other elemental magic.


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