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Drakonic are a humanoid kind related to dragons. They are not half-breeds, but neither are they actual dragons. Drakonic walk upright, though may drop to all fours to sprint. They have bulky muscles, elongated dragonesque heads, and almost always a tail. Some breeds have functional wings as well.

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Drakonic have a variety of structures much like Humans. However, their more durable nature makes them seem brutal to outsiders. Part of this is based on the fact that Humans and other more frail kinds would be torn asunder by what the Drakonics consider friendly tussles.

Drakonic vary almost as much as dragons of the world on which they both reside. However, they tend toward a few dominant breeds. They are physically imposing and generally lack in the non-physical characteristics, but that does not mean that some exceptions don't exist.

Base Characteristics Edit

Average 7 4 8 5 7 4 5 9 5
Maximum 14 12 16 15 16 12 10 18 15

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