Size Categories Edit

Size categories are somewhat fluid as many things have irregular shapes. The following represents a general guideline based on typical objects or creatures. You can find a list of metric prefixes here. An sM is a solar mass equal to the mass of the Terran Sun.

Size X/Y/Z Mass Example




Microscopic 1μm-999μm 1-100pg --- Single Cell
Milliscopic 1mm-10mm 100pg-1g Pinhead Seed
Minute 1cm-10cm 1g-50g Dice Tarantula
Diminutive 10cm-50cm 50g-1kg Ball Humming Bird
Tiny 50cm-1m 1kg-4kg Instrument Dog
Small 1-1.5m 4kg-25kg Wheelbarrow Dwarf
Human 1.5m-2m 25kg-225kg Table Human
Large 2m-4m 225kg-2Mg Wagon Horse
Mammoth 4m-8m 2Mg-14Mg Medium Truck Elephant
Gigantic 8m-16m 14Mg-120Mg Semi-truck T-rex
Enormous 16m-32m 120Mg-1Gg Starfighter Blue Whale
Gargantuan 32m-64m 1Gg-10Gg Heavy Starfighter Ancient Dragon
Colossal 64m-100m 10Gg-100Gg Starfreighter Mordasaur
Immense 100m-1km 100Gg-1Tg Starcruiser Titan
Vast 1km-1000km 1Tg-100Pg Space Station Xenotaur Bastion
Continental 1000km-10Mm 100Pg-10Zg Continent Mordtitan
Monolithic 10Mm-150Mm 10Zg-1000Yg Planet Worldeater
Stellar 150Mm-2GM 1sM-5 MsM Star Star Dragons
Astronomical 2GM-25GM 5 MsM-

10 MsM

Solar System ---
Polystellar 25GM-1pc 10 MsM -

100 MsM

Local Star Cluster ---
Galactic 1pc-100kpc 100 MsM -

1 GsM

Galaxy ---
Polygalactic 100kpc-10Mpc 1 GsM -

100 GsM

Supercluster ---
Universal 10Mpc-30Gpc 100 GsM -

25 PsM

Universe ---
Eternal N/A N/A Heaven God


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