Location Table Edit

The following table contains the hit modifier for called shots AND a random roll for location on typical enemies. The table can be modified for creatures with irregular bodies (e.g. dragons with wings).

The Called Shot Modifier is applied to the Total Skill Bonus (TSB) before the roll is made. If the character does not have enough TSB to account for the whole modifier, they are not capable of aiming for that location. If a location is hit either randomly or by a called shot, then the general effect is linked within the table.



Location Called Shot


3 Head -10
4 Neck -11
5-7 Hands/Weapon -12
8-9 Lower Arms -5
10-11 Upper Arms -6
12-13 Shoulders -5
14-18 Chest -1
19-21 Stomach -1
22 Groin -13
23-24 Thighs -4
25-26 Knees -7
27-28 Shins -6
29-30 Feet -9

Size Categories Edit

Size categories are somewhat fluid as many things have irregular shapes. The following represents a general guideline based on typical objects or creatures. You can find a list of metric prefixes here. An sM is a solar mass equal to the mass of the Terran Sun.

Size X/Y/Z Mass Example




Microscopic 1μm-999μm 1-100pg --- Single Cell
Milliscopic 1mm-10mm 100pg-1g Pinhead Seed
Minute 1cm-10cm 1g-50g Dice Tarantula
Diminutive 10cm-50cm 50g-1kg Ball Humming Bird
Tiny 50cm-1m 1kg-4kg Instrument Dog
Small 1-1.5m 4kg-25kg Wheelbarrow Dwarf
Human 1.5m-2m 25kg-225kg Table Human
Large 2m-4m 225kg-2Mg Wagon Horse
Mammoth 4m-8m 2Mg-14Mg Medium Truck Elephant
Gigantic 8m-16m 14Mg-120Mg Semi-truck T-rex
Enormous 16m-32m 120Mg-1Gg Starfighter Blue Whale
Gargantuan 32m-64m 1Gg-10Gg Heavy Starfighter Ancient Dragon
Colossal 64m-100m 10Gg-100Gg Starfreighter Mordasaur
Immense 100m-1km 100Gg-1Tg Starcruiser Titan
Vast 1km-1000km 1Tg-100Pg Space Station Xenotaur Bastion
Continental 1000km-10Mm 100Pg-10Zg Continent Mordtitan
Monolithic 10Mm-150Mm 10Zg-1000Yg Planet Worldeater
Stellar 150Mm-2GM 1sM-5 MsM Star Star Dragons
Astronomical 2GM-25GM 5 MsM-

10 MsM

Solar System ---
Polystellar 25GM-1pc 10 MsM -

100 MsM

Local Star Cluster ---
Galactic 1pc-100kpc 100 MsM -

1 GsM

Galaxy ---
Polygalactic 100kpc-10Mpc 1 GsM -

100 GsM

Supercluster ---
Universal 10Mpc-30Gpc 100 GsM -

25 PsM

Universe ---
Eternal N/A N/A Heaven God


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