One of several aberrations of plant life the Sundering warped. Gore creepers individually did not pose a problem for even a single armed traveler. Most knew to kill them if they found them in solitary.  Gore creepers only strike out on their own when instinct calls for them to start a new grove. Usually they can be found attached to one another by a complex root system so that if a person fights one, they fight the entire grove.

Each plant averages roughly the size of a goblin, though some have measured larger than an ogre.  These ancient groves are rare and few survive to tell of them.  Gore creepers usually have thick red stalks, orange leaves, and anywhere from three to five ugly green flowers on top. The leaves cut like a small blade and the flowers tended to expel any one of numerous poisons. All around the churned ground on which the grove grows, the soil turns a dirty yellow like the color of thick urine.  Stepping on the yellowed soil alerts the grove to the presence of the intruder and also indicates the limits of their gore-roots.

Larger groves sometimes develop gore-roots, a specialized defense reserved for more dangerous adversaries.  The root is barbed with thorns at the end.  They shoot straight up from the ground like a spear with little warning (a disturbance in the dirt on the spot from which they will errupt).  After attacking, it takes anywhere from five to thirty seconds to draw the root back under ground for another attack.  The roots are hardened and most unenchanted weapons have no affect on them.

Gore creepers, like most plants, don't like fire.

Appears In

Islands of Loar: Causality