In Loar, Goblins are a humanoid kind that stand near 3.5' tall. A goblin of 4' is unheard of. They come in a wide variety of skin colors, ear shapes (pointed or not, long or short), and hair. Goblins have extraordinarily dextrous hands which are useful for filching coins from others. However, most goblins use their talents to craft things. Many are shrewd business owners, tinkerers, alchemists, or the like. Most goblins prefer not to engage in physical combat, though a good number of them are intelligent enough to master wizardry.

Goblin society is based more on economics than breeding. Goblins do not marry, though some have been known to remain monogomous in their relationships. Once a male has mated, they tend to return to work and leave the female to bear the child alone. Sometimes a male will invest time and care into a child for purely economical reasons, hoping to gain a good apprentice for the business. In most cases, however, the mother will sell the child's apprentice-ship after five years of rearing. This is just enough time to determine a child's aptitude. The child is not a slave and is free to choose another path in life, so purchasing their apprentice-ship from the mother is always a risk. Most goblins who take on an apprentice make staying worth the apprentice's while.