Gengo Furui translates as "the Ancient Language". It is the language once used by one of the lost races of Loar. Now only monks speak and write it. Most use it when expressing their chay (see below) or when deliberating with other monks about sensitive topics in the hearing of others. The written form is called 'sujimichi'.

Words - DefinitionsEdit

akanbe – a juvenile facial gesture where a person pulls down their lower eyelid to reveal the red underneath; usually accompanied by sticking out the tongue

ba – place, energy field

chay - (pronounced kī): metaphysical energy and will of all sentient beings. Monks of Loar have discovered a way to channel chay into their martial arts and basic senses to do extraordinary things including empathy and limited telepathy. Masters of the various orders have been known to deflect, reflect or even absorb magical energy from spellcasters using chay. Dervishes are the most skilled at this particular use.

furui – ancient

gengo – original language, original word

hishou – flying

hito – man; sometimes used to indicate a bandit or highwayman

isou - transport

kage - shadow

kakera – splinter

kata - person, body, exercise

katachi – style, form, model

katsu – rip

kaze - wind

ketsui – decision, determination

mokuzai – wood, lumber

nami – wave

ronin – drifting person; one who has no master; wanderer

shintou - concussion

sujimichi – reason, logic, method; also the written form of Gengo Furui consisting of mathematical glyphs

sutoraiku - strike

tadashi’i – righteous

ten – spot, point