Ruler: Lord Gamielyal Ulchistein - Elfin Male Aeromancer
Export: Cheap finished goods, repaired goods, raw goods, black market goods
Import: waste, raw materials
Pulon city: Rogue’s Arch
Est. Pop.: 42 million


Gallim’gaal is considered the most worthless of Loar’s Islands. It has little in the way of government and is a refuge for all manner of criminals, rogues, and low-lifes. The rest of Loar send their waste here where the denizens of the Island scrounge through and repair, recycle, and resell cheap, used items. The Island is a large warren of hills, tunnels, and ramshackle housing all made of trash. There is a stink about the place that takes great effort to remove from individuals once they have been there so most avoid the Island. Life is as cheap as the merchandise and not worth anything close to the black market goods bought and sold there. It’s people are independent, rugged, and merciless but operate on a specific code that it takes years to learn.


Islands of Loar Quartet: