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Fedyth Wyrich is a third generation inhabitant of the prison island of Xamador. He is an honorable man with a rigid sense of authority. Others in his community respect him.

Physically, Fedyth is very tall and of better than average strength. Though not considered exceptionally handsome, his fairness and sense of honor makes him generally likable.

Fedyth is married to Sherideth Wyrich, a marriage of love and mutual protection. Though they did not grow up together, they have had each others' back since their first meeting. Fedyth has two children, Kethy and Trandon.

Islands of Loar: Causality Edit

Fedyth is introduced indirectly in Causality when Spenciel Lagrotto rescues Fedyth's wife and son from local thugs. Sherideth and Trandon take refuge with Spenciel in a nearby temple to the departed god, Sotér. There, Sherideth tells Spenciel about her husband who was "arrested" by the Blood Wisdom Corps for resisting their predations on his family and sent to the Sanitorium.

In prison, Fedyth met other prisoners with whom he became friends, none of whom were human any longer, if they ever had been. During Fedyth's stay there, the Warden declares lethal games to be hosted to entertain his men. Fedyth and his friends are pitted against one another and Fedyth is almost killed. His friend, a creature with peculiar powers over living bodies names Bregudigarn, switches bodies with Fedyth to enhance Fedyth's healing for a time and keep him alive.

It's then that Spenciel Lagrotto, the Dhorens, and a golem rescue Fedyth and his friends, an insane and nigh impossible feat.

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