With ears that taper to a point at the top and generally lack much of a lobe, elfs are hard to mistake for anything else. Elfs tend to average slightly shorter in height than humans and an overweight member of that kind is so rare as to be noteworthy throughout Loar. Elfs live anywhere from seven to nine hundred years, though a few have been known to live longer. Elemancers of that race potentially could live many centuries more, but none are known to be alive that lived through the Sundering or even through the War of Wind and Fire.

Many elfs have an affinity for magic such that many chose the Wizard profession. Others retain their pre-Sundering connection with the living things of the world. Elfin druids, rangers, shamans, and the like are more common in the elfin kind than in humans, though there are few Barbarian clans among them.

Elfin society is loosely structured. A nuclear family serves for procreation, but elfs have a largely hands-off approach to raising their children. Many elfs move out of their parents home at age fifteen, though most choose to live nearby until much older. "Home" is even a loose term as many elfs do not stay in the house they have chosen to live in, preferring to move about and explore Loar in random fashion.


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