Elemancers, a term that means element charmer, is a specific class of mage divided into the four classic fundamental elements of earth, air, fire, and water. An elemancer channels arcane power from a specific plane of existence wholly composed of that element. These planes are referred to as Realms. Often those realms are referred to by the elemental ruler of that plane rather than the element itself.

Since the individual is the conduit for the arcane energy, their body, mind, and soul together limit the power that can be channeled, though this limit can be increased as the elemancer becomes more experienced.

Elemancer ContractEdit

The contracts that bind the four elemental realms to the call of the sorcerers predates the Sundering. The documentation has since been lost, but the rules are inviolate and well known.

1. A connection can only be made to a single realm for a sorcerer to be considered an Elemancer. Any attempt to connect to another realm will be considered betrayal of a sort to the initial realm, and none of the four will thereafter trust the sorcerer enough to grant full Elemancer privledges.
2. Sorcery, being channeled through mind, body, and soul, is hereditary. Children are generally encouraged to follow the path of their parents, so only the first elemental connection is made by the young sorcer. Maturity rates vary by child, but most make their first connection around the age of five to eight. While cross breeding between elemancers of different elements is possible, it is rare. Offspring of such pairings either choose a parent to follow or become general sorcerers.
3. Elemancers who establish a lasting connection to their elemental realm and mastery of that element through practice and dedication can achieve a state known as Incarnate. The Incarnate allows the sorcerer, for a time, to become that element. The Incarnate state allows complete versatility and exponentially more power over the element than the normal state allows. The sorcerer is no longer channeling elemental power through the limited mortal vessel, but is elemental power.

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