Dwarves are stocky, powerful fighters and craftsmen at home in forges, mines, and taverns throughout Loar. Adults grow to be nearly 5' tall. The women tend to be thinner and full figured, while the men are much stronger than humans on average. Most dwarven men are hairy with quick growing beards, though most keep them trimmed except for the elderly. Dwarves who do not die in mining accidents or fighting live to be around six hundred years old. Few dwarves do, however, preferring to die living life to the fullest.

Dwarves have large extended families and children are raised by the whole community. Rulers of these large families, called clans by some, are called patriarchs.


A sub-section of dwarven society is made up of brilliant tinkers, eccentric wizards, and shriveled old men and women who, for various reasons, do not belong to any of the extended families. These are commonly referred to as "gnomes". "Gnome" at one time was a derrogatory term, but it has been embraced by those who fit the description and now it is more a term of endearment among the dwarves (who realize how important these strange dwarves are to their lives).