Doogan Riftwind
Loar character
Doogan Riftwind
Kind Human
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Class Aeromancer
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Beltair
Doogan Riftwind is a teenage, idealistic Aeromancer who disagrees with this father’s and the Council of Wind’s harsh methods and laws. Doogan has a honest, loyal heart that makes him friends easy and will make him a great leader.

Doogan has one younger sister, Alassonia Riftwind and two older half-sibilings, Cairith Riftwind and Koribald Riftwind. Doogan has spent a good portion of his youth learning the nuances of Aeromancy. He is not the strongest of Elemancers but his skill is subtle and and versatile, often giving him an advantage.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

Lately, the tyranny of his father, Lord Dalgan Riftwind and the rest of the Council of Wind, Doogan has decided to run away with the help of a childhood friend Muskrat, an elfin rogue from the Island of Gallim'gaal. He leaves with some hesitation, knowing his eight year old sister, Alassonia, will be living at the mansion somewhat alone while his father is at Council, but the servants who work in the mansion adore her, for the most part. With determination and a sense of freedom, Doogan sets off with Muskrat seeking promised adventures.

Islands of Loar: CausalityEdit

Doogan, along with a number of allies has retaken the Island of Bethairia from the mercenaries who control it. He has also managed to fix the ARC and save the people of that Island. With the supposed execution and then later disgrace and removal of Lord Extus Malichorum, Doogan is the interim Lord of Bethairia. This fact begins a fracture in the Council of Wind.

Doogan hates the lack of freedom and knows that his adventures have been cut short, but he relishes the power that he has to make much needed changes for the people. He is an idealist and already a much loved ruler by those of Bethairia and of others that have heard of all that he has done.

Islands of Loar: RebellionEdit

Islands of Loar: ProphecyEdit


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