Dialektos Magos translates as Sorcerer’s Language. It is also sometimes refered to as Dialektos Daimonions, the Language of the Gods. This language is used mostly by the elemental mages as chants to focus their connection to the elemental realms from which they draw their arcane power. Sorcerers and a few sentient creatures also use the language.

An argument continues among scholars as to whether or not this language was the primary language of the departed gods.

Words - DefinitionsEdit

A Edit

Aerion Edit

– titanium

Aerogen Edit

– oxygen

airo Edit

– to lift or raise up

alhtheia Edit

– objective truth, reality

anemos Edit

– tempestuous wind, strong wind

Anthrakeutic Edit

- carbon

aphron Edit

– foolish; without reason; rash; senseless

apokalipsis Edit

– reveal

Arcanon Edit

- uranium

Arguril Edit

– silver

astrapei Edit

– lightning

Astrogen Edit

– helium

aster/asteri Edit

- star

auton Edit

– him, he, she, her, it

B Edit

Bedyil Edit

– tin

belos Edit

– missle, dart, javelin, spear

C Edit

Chrusil Edit

– gold; also the old, hard currency monetary unit in Loar (1 arguril is roughly equivalent to 10 dollars);

coins are valued as follows:

  • 1000 nekorils = 1 arguril
  • 1000 argurils = 1 chrusil
  • 1000 chrusils = 1 tethril

D Edit

daktylos Edit

- fingers

dei Edit

– must, it is necessary

diamerismos Edit

– dividing, dissension, distribution, or disunion

dikaios Edit

– right, righteous, correct

E Edit

eirene Edit

– peace

eis Edit

– into, unto, towards, for (e.g. for the purpose of, in order to), among

ek Edit

– out; out of; out from

ekdikeo Edit

– to punish, avenge

en Edit

- in, by, with

F Edit

Fluxogen Edit

– fluorine

G Edit

gephuri Edit

- bridge

H Edit

ho/hos Edit

- this, that, those, these, which, who

hudor Edit

– flowing water, fountain, river

K Edit

kai Edit

- and

katakrino Edit

– to condemn; to pass judgment against; to damn

kenoo Edit

– empty, void

kleis Edit

- key

krustallos Edit

– crystal

kurios Edit

– sir, mister; an appellation of respect towards males

M Edit

machaira Edit

– a large knife or dagger, a short sword

Malleon Edit

- aluminum

merizo Edit

– divide, split

Molybdon Edit

- lead

N Edit

Nekoril Edit

– copper

O Edit

omixle Edit

- mist

P Edit

periballo Edit

- around, surround

pagomenos/pagomeneh/pagoma Edit

- frozen

pulon Edit

- gate

pauo Edit

– cease

perisseia Edit

– super-abundance, overflow

phlox Edit

- flame

phulake Edit

– guard, watch

phulakizo Edit

- imprison

pneuma/pneumati Edit

– breath, wind, spirit; also a descriptive name elementals give to aeromancers

poimen Edit

- shepherd

polys Edit

- many

potamos Edit

- river

proskunountas/proskunein Edit

- worship

psuchros Edit

- cold

Pyrogen Edit

– hydrogen

R Edit

Rendareon Edit

- gallium

rhegnuntai Edit

– to break asunder, shatter

rhomphaia Edit

– large sword wielded by either one or two hands

S Edit

Saprogen Edit

– nitrogen

scholazo Edit

– empty; drain; make void

seira Edit

– rope, chain, line

selene Edit

- moon

Sideron Edit

- iron

skia Edit

- shadow

skōlēx Edit

- worm; especially one that eats dead bodies

skubalon Edit

– dung; something utterly worthless; refuse of any kind; filth

soma Edit

– body; corpse; physical being

sphaira Edit

- sphere

T Edit

Taphallium Edit

- something akin to adamantium or adamantite from comic book fame (not diamonds)

Tethril Edit

– platinum

theos Edit

- god

therion Edit

– wild beast, ferocious beast, savage man

thermo Edit

- heat; warm

thureos Edit

– shield (large shield like a kite shield)

tous Edit

– those, they