Legends tell that originally chimeras had no wings. Instead, they had an amalgam of the larger cat kind and one of the kinds of capras. The creature horrified those who saw it; with two heads, cat and capra, and a tail with poisonous barb strikingly similar to that of a wyvern. After years of experimentation, wizards, either evil or lacking any common sense, altered the design. They exchanged awkward for agile, land-bound for flying, and worrisome for lethal.

Now the beast’s two heads bear the features of both cats and capras at the end of short muscled necks. Fur from the cat heritage covers the body. The wizards extended the traits of the wyvern into wings. Instead of the deadly barb, they transformed the end of the tail into a third pseudo-head resembling some sort of reptile. The prehensile appendage, full of fangs, drips powerful poison. No eyes or nose grow on it, nor did it contain a true brain, but the tail remains aware enough of its surroundings to sense prey on its own. The tail tapers off at the end when closed and is stiff enough to punch through tough skin to get at soft meat below. Like the two real heads the tail connects to the stomach.

Chimera are almost exclusively found on Fairilund.

The chimera is one of the most dangerous non-aberrations in the world.