Centaurs, like all tauric creatures, are part humanoid and part animal. Centaur are generally humanoid from the torso up, looking closer to burly humans than anything else most of the time. Below the torso they have equine bodies. The lower, horse portion can be typical of what one might find on a horse, but more often than not, the fur and tail are brightly colors running the gamut of the rainbow. Centaurs are generally wise beings who prefer to avoid the urban areas of the world.

Centaurs live up to four hundred years on average. They have few offspring and their numbers have dwindled steadily in the past few hundred years. Children are considered a blessing and are cared for by the mother for the first seven years of life, then the father raises them from then on, teaching them how to survive in the hostile world.

Centaurs are too bulky to be most Rogue classes, but some choose the Bard lifestyle as all like to swap stories and tell riddles and jokes. Many of the kind choose the Fighter classes. A centaur Wizard is rare, but at least two are known in current times.