Cairith Riftwind
Loar character
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Kind Human
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Class Aeromancer
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Beltair
Cairith Riftwind is the elder Riftwind daughter, sister to Koribald and half sister to Doogan and Alassonia. She is a blonde bombshell and a scandalous flirt known for her weak sorcery and manipulative personality.

Islands of Loar: SunderedEdit

While helping Doogan run away from home, Muskrat stumbles upon some strange objects in Cairith's room, including a dead twitterflit that had been a gift. The bird looks ritualistically dismembered.

After Doogan saves Bethairia from suffocation, Cairith arrives to 'congratulate' him and insinuates herself into his larger group of friends. She flirts with Muskrat and instantly draws his attention after Sareh Midola rejects him in favor of serving as Doogan's court bard.

Islands of Loar: CausalityEdit

Cairith joins Muskrat, Amirith, Ashler, and Ethaniel on a trip to visit the Theosian Peninsula. There they meet Nali, a friend of Amirith's who tends the gardens surrounding the temples of the departed gods. Cairith convinces Muskrat to investigate the temple of Cedijok, the spider god. The others follow after realizing they have left Nali's and try to prevent them from going in. The others are trapped, as Cairith originally intended, but manage to escape having more power than the Cult of Cedijok originally estimated. Cairith joins the group again pretending to have escaped her own dastardly fate as well, and ends up on the missing island of Lower Atalicon.

After the group finds and rescues Nauni Nindaerun from the Voidmancer, Lord Coshek Shamayim, Cairith leaves the group, remaining behind with the Voidmancer to learn voidmancy from him.


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