Anemone Layisar
Loar character
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Kind Human
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair color Golden Brown
Eye color Green
Class Shaman
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Prophecy
Home Island Bethairia

A young human shaman of the Mordwolf clan on Bethairia; she is sister to Thean Layisar. Her constant companion is an enormous mordwolf named Jathren.


Anemone first appears when she sends her brother, Thean, and his fiance, Yrae'nei Krand, off to Fairilund in service to the Prophecy.

Next, Anemone finds Ethaniel Phorj at the forest of Hannah'lei. She journeys with him, familiarizing him with Bethairia and the language while they search for clues to the thinning air. As they travel, the stumble upon Saddoch with Doogan Riftwind in its clutches. Ethaniel defeats Saddoch and heals Doogan. After that, they return Doogan to his group. Once they realize what Doogan is doing, they join with him in the assault on Malichorum's mansion to restore the air on the Island.

After Bethairia is returned to normal, Anemone returns to Clan Mordwolf and her duties.


Anemone only appears briefly toward the end of the second book. She is at the mansion on Bethairia where Doogan now rules as interim governor after Malichorum's fall from power. Her purpose is to report on the sustainability of the Island and to give her clan's support to Doogan's efforts to reorganize the Island under nomos kratian.

She is not present for the chartering of the Restorationists League, but does become a member. This is an individual act for her. Though the Mordwolf Clan sympathizes with the League, they are not directly connected to it.


Anemone, in conjunction with the League and with the purpose of her clan, helps bring down the jabberwalky. It is the last known aberration on Bethairia.



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