Amirith Daarcphyre
Loar character
Amirith Daarcphyre
Kind Human
Age 28
Gender Male
Hair color Brown, Long
Eye color Hazel
Class Sorcerer
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Del Mark

Amirith claims to be from Del Mark. His mother and father were adventurers who fought against Sundering-Warped Aberrations mainly for the treasures often found in their lairs. They were known to scour the occasional ruins as well. Amirith inherited his mother's sorcerer abilities, and like her, he is a generalist rather than an Elemancer.

At 28, Amirith is an easy going, world-wise Human with a passionate curiosity. He prefers thinking his way through problems, but tends to seek them out when none present themselves within a reasonable amount of time. Recently he has traveled to Beltair having failed to enter one of the more enigmatic ruins of an underground cache there.


Islands of Loar Quartet:

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