Departed God of Loar





Moral/Ethical Stance



Healing, Justice, Righteous Wars, Defense of the Weak, Self Sacrifice, Love

Favored Kinds


Favored Classes

Paladin, Priest


Not much remains of this god. He supposedly appeared as a beautiful human warrior with beautiful golden wings wearing regal looking plate armor. His sword and shield protected the innocent and brought justice to all without partiality. Amats'el was alls said to empower his followers with the ability to heal magically.

Amat'sel was one of the gods on the side of that which is good in the world. Some say he defined goodness. Like all the departed gods, little survives about him other than his association with justice, healing, and the fact that he had wings. The few remaining representations picture him as a beatiful human with great wings dressed in radiant plate armor. He wore a winged helmet of tethril, wielded a huge sword single-handedly, and defended himself with a beatiful white shield with no emblem on it.

Amats'el has the most remaining temples in Loar, most of which the citizens have coopted for other uses. The Order of Amats'el owns most of the temples now. One other exists on the Theosian Peninsula, looted and ruined with little more than a few walls and weeds to mark its place.


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