Alassonia Riftwind
Loar character
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Other names 'Lassa
Kind Human
Age 8
Gender Female
Hair color Dark blonde
Eye color Blue
Class Aeromancer
Book(s) Sundered, Causality, Rebellion, Prophecy
Home Island Beltair
Alassonia Riftwind is the youngest daughter of Lord Dalgan Riftwind and his second wife. Her brother, Doogan Riftwind is of the same mother. Cairith Riftwind and Koribald Riftwind are her two elder half-siblings. An Aeromancer from a long standing, powerful family of Aeromancers, Alassonia is unlike her family in many ways. Relating most to Doogan, she has abilities beyond most adults. A bit of an eccentric, Alassonia may spend days cooped up in the Riftwind mansion, unseen for days by anyone. Other times she spends wandering about the nearby town of Bracelorn, a town which grew up to house the support staff for the Riftwind family. The servants and villagers tend to coddle her or shun her and she has no friends her own age.

Alassonia's mother died giving birth to her. Alassonia is now eight and with Doogan leaving, is living alone most of the time with a few servants to see that she is cared for. A free spirit anyway, Alassonia is hardly aware of this, happy in her own world.


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