Literally “air charmer”. Aeromancers are sorcerers who exclusively use magic to control air, wind, and lightning. During the Sundering, Aeromancers kept the atmosphere around the Islands. With limited gravity, that atmosphere began to leak into the Void. Many Aeromancers died or burned themselves out attempting to keep enough air around the Islands for everyone to breathe. Once the ARCs were created by the Geomancers, the Aeromancers were able to live more normal lives.

Victors in the the War of Wind and Fire over the Pyromancers and seen as the “good guys” in that war, the Aeromancers were eventually asked to rule the Islands of Loar. This was a hereditary position where one Aeromancer ruled over a single Island eventually passing rule to a descendant or in some cases a trained heir not of their blood. The Aeromancers have ruled more than 1600 years gathering at need on Palon Island in The Hall to discuss laws and needs of the Islands. Collectively they are officially called the Council of Winds.



Islands of Loar Quartet

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